Ann offers keynotes, workshops, presentations and writings on the following topics:


Ann McMullan is a recognized leader in the K-12 education industry. During her time as Executive Director of Educational Technology for the Klein Independent School District Ann led a team of professional educators in creating an award-winning instructional program that became a model for school districts across the nation. 

For several years Ann co-chaired the Texas Educational Technology Advisory Committee which produced the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020.

This plan serves as an instrument to guide legislation for the state legislature, education policy for the state board of education, and guidance for school districts across the state in how to establish and maintain an effective plan for leveraging technology to meet the needs of all students.

Today, as an independent education consultant Ann works with districts and non-profits on creating an effective vision for 21st century education, and developing strategic plans that

encompass multiple departments within a school system or non-profit organization.

She has co-authored a book about life lessons in leadership and presents webinars and leadership workshops throughout the United States and Internationally.

Professional Learning

Understanding that in today’s highly interactive and rapidly changing world, life-long learning is a skill that all must master, Ann McMullan has been instrumental in designing and supporting personalized professional learning programs for teachers and school administrators.

In her leadership role in Klein ISD and in the state of Texas. Ann set up systems for professional learning that provided flexibility for individual learning needs as well as repeated opportunities for learning through multiple modalities.

The district team that Ann led included classroom teachers who would work as technology integration specialist and coaches, helping teachers by working side-by-side with them in their classrooms.

Now based in Los Angeles, CA, Ann works as a presenter and facilitator of professional learning services with major educational service providers as well as independently. She is also certified as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer.

Two popular workshops for education leaders which Ann provides are “Leading Change in Challenging Times” and “Comprehensive Planning Utilizing the Future Ready Schools Framework”. Ann’s topics for teachers include “Using Digital Tools for Formative Assessment” and “Using Your PLC to Improve Instructional Strategies”.

Educational Technology

In the early and mid-90s when most educators did not yet understand the value of digital tools for learning beyond the traditional technology class, Ann McMullan began using computer technology with her 8th grade social studies students in the Klein Independent School District. The superintendent and other district leaders asked Ann to work with them to develop a vision and plan for implementing technology for learning in all classrooms, K-12.

During her 16 years as a district leader in educational technology the Klein Independent School District came to be recognized as a leader in the educational technology arena. Other district leaders from around the US would come to visit Klein and meet with the superintendent, principals, Ann and the educational technology team to learn how they could model the district’s strategies in their own school districts. Klein ISD was one of the first districts in the nation to be featured in the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Annual Digital Learning Day event.

Today, Ann continues to collaborate with the Alliance for Excellent Education specifically through their Future Ready Schools Program. Ann has presented workshops on professional learning

at Future Ready Schools Regional Summits and contributed to the development of the Future Ready Schools online dashboard for district planning.

Additionally Ann serves as an advisor to technology and software companies to help them better understand the needs and workings of school districts.