We owe it to all students to fully engage them in their learning process in ways that are meaningful to them and relevant.

In a world that changes as rapidly as ours in this 21st century, it is critical that those of us charged with the privilege of educating our children do so in a way that is relevant to the lives they lead today and to the lives they will lead as adults.

There are new skills sets that are critical for survival in today’s world and we must assure that all students – regardless of background or zip code – graduate with the ability to collaborate, communicate (in multiple formats), think critically and creatively solve problems.

To change education systems from they way they have operated for over 100 years to one that is relevant to today’s global, information-driven society, takes bold visionary leadership.

In Ann’s work she seeks to assist education leaders in a variety of positions – including school board members, superintendents, district administrators, principals and teachers –  to fully understand the needs of today’s students and to plan and effectively implement learning strategies that meet their needs for today and tomorrow.

EmpowerED Superintendents 

Ann McMullan currently serves as the Project Director for CoSN’s EmpowerED Superintendent Initiative.

School superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, aspiring leaders and educators interested in the most important edtech issues facing schools and districts will find immense value in CoSN’s EmpowerED Superintendents Toolkit created in partnership with AASA, the School Superintendents Association.

In addition to the Toolkit, CoSN provides a number of free resources for education leaders including a series of Critical Focus Area One-Pagers and other Online Assessments and Tools. Find them all at https://www.cosn.org/superintendents

The EmpowerED Superintendent edLeader Panel Series

CoSN, AASA and edWeb.net co-host a series of edLeader Panel broadcasts for superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, aspiring leaders and educators.

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About Ann McMullan

Ann serves education leaders, teachers, non-profits and firms doing business with schools and school districts to assist with leadership, strategic planning and 21st century skills (4C’s: Communication; Collaboration; Creative Problem Solving & Critical Thinking).

Rich Dixon interviewed Ann at an ISTE Conference.

AMcMullan_120She does this by facilitating workshops, both face to face and webinars and writing for journals and newsletters. Her public speaking engagements include conference breakout sessions and panel presentations on transforming learning and teaching to meet the needs of today’s students.

A 34-year veteran educator, Ann spent 18 years as an innovative social studies teacher, followed by 16 years as a school district administrator. In that role, she led the visioning, planning and effective implementation of strategies and tools for digital learning. Ann concluded her work in Klein ISD as the Executive Director for Educational Technology prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2013.

Because Ann felt that the work she had been doing in leading the changes in education systems to meet the needs of today’s students was still urgent and relevant, soon after her move to Los Angeles, she started her own independent education consulting firm in the fall of 2013 and now works nationally and internationally as a speaker, writer and consultant. Learn more about Ann here.